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Whether you work in the industry, in agriculture, in service industries or in the trade, we are your specialist for robust accessories for outdoor use.

The mobile and waterproof high-capacity battery with included torch for outdoor use. It is resistant and splash proof, so you can easily charge your device on the go without electricity.
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RugGear RG500 Desk Charger
Convenient loading. Put your RG500 in the charger and it charges wirelessly via the contacts on the device. The Desk Charger is also suitable for the car, since it has a car charger connector and mounting options.
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RugGear Bluetooth Speaker
It is resistant and splash-protected, so you can now everywhere and at any time share your favorite music. In addition, the Bluetooth Speaker also offers a handsfree!
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RugGear RG100 / RG300 Pouches
Also, the range of pouches is extended additonally to the RG500 and RG700 Pouch there are now also NEW pouches for RG100 and RG300! The pouch is water resistant and has a magnetic closure - particularly suitable for outdoor use.
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