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Outdoor. Industry. Communication.

"We used our complete business experience and technical competence to create user-friendly and  up-to-date products which are reliable mobile companions that are now available for everyone!"
(Martin Haaf/CEO MOBILE GmbH)

Rugged mobile phones for outdoor use in industry, craft or leisure time are far more than a niche market. We operate from the MOBILE GmbH based in Lauda-Koenigshofen/Germany. The MOBILE GmbH created the brand 'RugGear' to provide mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, as well as various accessories for business and private use. All products are specially made for a lot of different outdoor/industrial activities and requirements (IP68, MIL-STD 810, waterproof).

15 years of experience

The development team is led by Mr. Martin Haaf who has got more than 15 years of experience in the industry. With this competence, special mobile phones were developed for users working in industry, agriculture, service industries and craft.

At the same time our devices are also a high quality companion for people who love to spend their leisure time with outdoor activities like climbing, swimming, walking, biking, etc. The development is managed and controlled out of Germany and the phones are produced in China.


The development is controlled from Germany and production is located in China. Latest technical standards are the basis of the product features. In addition, the RugGear products and its accessories - also in cooperation with specialized partner companies - are tailored to specific application packages.

Current technical standards and solutions for Android, NFC and more

The MOBILE GmbH is – through their competence network – in continuous exchange with highly qualified companies of the mobile solution segment.
Requirements for more complex applications in the industry – for example with MDM, Push-to-Talk, Loneworker and NFC solutions – are incorporated into existing and new product development. Intrinsically safe products fully complete the portfolio.

We are pleased to welcome you as our possible new customer.
Your team of MOBILE GmbH/Germany